A tradition evolved for my son’s birthday parties wherein families brought cardboard boxes to our big back yard and built towers, tunnels and forts together. As my son got older and the parties got themed, I made things ahead of time. For his sixth birthday, an outer-space party, I built a rocket ship.







The hatch had working cardboard bolts that would slide in and out with a turn of the wheel.

My son is standing on a small ladder inside the rocket ship.



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  1. Liam Massey says:

    Hi Craig
    This is really excellent work! I am wanting to make a package for a desk drop of Candies called Astro’s. Essentially I want to package them in a rocket which will be decorated to look like Tintin’s “Explorers on the Moon” rocket. This is an internal thing I do for the consultants to keep them motivated and as such is not being used in any commercial way. Would you be kind enough to send me a template of some sort.

    Thank you


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