National Geographic Head






Train Head. When the toy train is turned on it goes around and around my head.

Robo-Mouse. A costume for my son at age 6, after he invented a superhero called Robo-Mouse. My wife Jenny created the silver vest, cape and insignia. I made the helmet and the gewgaws on the vest. When you flip the toggle switch on his vest, the tip of his tail lights up.

Lego Boy. Another costume for my son, at age 9.

Balloon Me

Globe Me. The constellations glow in the dark.

Trash Head. I have a tendency to build costumes that make social interaction difficult.


Photos 1-5 by Jenny Ruhl, 8 and 9 by Allan Ayres, 10 by Brad Hansen




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  1. gigi says:

    Craig, I have so missed experiencing your mind. The smorgasbord on your website (found via Carol Bevilacqua) makes me homesick for more. Glad you’re doing well!!!!! g2

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