KidsLab is an inviting, safe space for children Kindergarten age and younger. My design was fabricated by the Lawrence Hall of Science exhibits shop.





My design unified a bunch of refurbished exhibits with a coherent color palette, inspired by the hillside just outside the window. By skipping over the typical children's space fixation on primary colors and looking to nature, I felt we could make the space less visually aggressive and more refreshing and vital.


I wanted the surfaces to be natural where possible and the textures to feel good.

Window transparencies are photos of Bay Laurel and Maple leaves enlarged to about five feet high.

The wall needed to keep toddlers in and big kids out, be child safe, modular, self-supporting, and strong enough for a tired parent to sit on. But it needed to do all this without looking like a corral.

My design for these playful, lamp-like "trees" was inspired by the Bay Laurel trees in nearby Blackberry Canyon. I cut the branches from Bay trees in the canyon, and I created the shades by scanning their leaves and printing out the custom design on fabric with a wide-format printer.


A refurbished piece, the mirror treatment was originally teal and purple Formica. I wanted it to look like both a pond and a portal.

This is a wondeful off-the-shelf interactive which I had framed with custom moulding. The ping pong balls in the frame can be popped out and rolled down the re-configurable ramps.

Puppet stage







Photographs 6-9 by Allan Ayres


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