Ornamental Amalgamations

Exhibited April through June 2013 at Mike Page Style Lab in San Francisco


These wall sculptures are made out of paper—Bristol board, frosted paper and mounting board—which I scored, folded, and assembled. The show played with motifs inspired by traditional architectural ornament. Flourishes and acanthus leaves are exaggerated, cross-bred, and made cartoonish and intense. My Artist’s Statement is here.


Because I have been asked: I corrected the colors and adjusted the contrast of these images in Photoshop, but the forms themselves are not re-touched. This is what they really look like.





Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F Major: 4th Movement, 3rd Variation—Horns & Oboes

Ornamental Amalgamations installed at Mike Page Style Lab in San Francisco.

Three Dark Apertures, Ornamented

Dark Aperture with Fillip

Dark Aperture with Extravagant Acanthus Leaves and Two Petals: Symmetrical

Dark Aperture with Scallop, Petal, and Two Acanthus Leaves: Asymmetrical

Five Glyphs

Glyph with Bloop

Glyph with Lancet Arch, Archimedean Spiral, and Petal

Glyph with Scallop, Lancet Arches, Petal, and Flourish

Glyph with Two Flourishes, Bundle, and Crescent: Lashed

Glyph with Archimedean Spiral, Gothic Trefoil, and Acanthus

Long Swoop Passing Right Through Tightly Bundled Rocks and Crescent

Close-up of Long Swoop

Cairo Tesselation

Cairo Tesselation



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