Giant City-Bot Man X-3!

Giant City-Bot Man is what would happen if a city block got up and went for a walk. His transmission tower legs, five-story building torso, water tower head, and arms of smokestack and movie palace sign are all made of cardboard and paper. He stands over fourteen feet tall.


I started building him for a couple of Make Magazine-sponsored Open Make events at Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. The pictures here show him in his third and mightiest incarnation¬†at the Children’s Creativity Museum (formerly “Zeum” ) in San Francisco. I wanted him to look like some friendly but imposing giant in an old Little Nemo in Slumberland comic.


I want him to be real, and I want to stand looking out the fifth story windows as he strides up Market Street.













































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One Response to “Giant City-Bot Man X-3!”

  1. Jan says:

    I’m blown away, by this creature and by your amazing ability to create the detail that makes it plausible.

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