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My name is Craig Hansen and I am a project-based artist and designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I design and make actual objects and transform actual spaces using physical materials.


I have 25 years of experience creating a multitude of unique things, across a wide spectrum of materials, in scales ranging from big-budget, multi-year, multidisciplinary exhibition projects, down to small, ephemeral sculptures of sand or river stone.


As wide-ranging as my muse is, I am dedicated to a few constants: fine craftwork, strong concepts, innovation with materials, and a particular devotion to how the parts vibrate with the whole, how the details transmit the vision. Whether my aim is chiefly artistic, or the artistry serves another end, I take great satisfaction in these things.


The collection of work on this site includes only the kinds of things I still pursue. I welcome commissions for any mode of work shown here: drawing, assemblage, cardboard sculpture, installation and so on; and I invite inquiries about more collaborative work: design for events, exhibit development and design, window display, theater, and other possibilities I’m sure I haven’t imagined.







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