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The most exciting moments in any project often are during “brainstorming” sessions.  Lots of good ideas flow. But the individuals who strike sparks which lead to actual progress during brainstorming are those rare people whose ideas connect instantly to several others’ inspirations, who can listen to comments or criticisms and quickly build on them, and who can follow up with everyone quickly, advancing any consensus towards realization. Craig Hansen has these gifts in full.


Alan J. Friedman, Ph.D.

Consultant for Museum Development and Science Communication

Former Directer and CEO, New York Hall of Science





My experience and delight in working with Craig Hansen on events has always centered on his inspired use of everyday materials to create utterly compelling objets and ambiance. He is a dedicated artist and work partner willing and able to fearlessly take on design challenges.


Marjorie Randell-Silver

Owner/Executive Producer

Copper Leaf Productions

Needham, MA





Craig has both an inventor’s mind and an artist’s eye. At the Lawrence Hall of Science, his clever and often whimsical designs were thoughtfully integrated with the nuts and bolts of exhibit development. He possesses rare talents in a combination that is equally rare: an enthusiasm for content, a talent for solving unusual fabrication problems, an extensive command of materials, and a work style that mixes a sharp critical eye with personal attention and warmth.


Barbara Ando

Former Director of the Public Science Center (retired)

Lawrence Hall of Science

University of California Berkeley

Berkeley, CA





Craig’s unique approach to interactive design sparks surprise and delight. Each day, I see his design work inspire our visitors to explore and examine the world around them.  But what impresses me most is his ability to challenge, inspire and lead his colleagues in the pursuit of a vision, ensuring that everyone’s contributions are integral to the whole.


Brooke Smith

Exhibits and Facility Operations Director

Lawrence Hall of Science

University of California Berkeley

Berkeley, CA





My name is Ken Kay and I am a planner and landscape architect at Ken Kay Associates in San Francisco, California.


I was commissioned by the Lawrence Hall of Science to collaborate in the design of a permanent outdoor exhibit, “Forces That Shape The Bay,” located at LHS in the Berkeley Hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Ken Kay Associates teamed with exhibit design firm Jeff Kennedy Associates of Boston and the client, LHS, to link together all of the separate exhibits into an active and memorable place based on education, programing and fun.


Craig Hansen played a major role in making this happen from the first day I was on the job to the last, all the way from the big picture right down to the implementation by the contractors building the project. I can’t say enough about Craig’s creativity and ongoing collaboration with our firm, with Jeff Kennedy Associates, and with the other team members at the Hall. From his role in the creative overview and design to the pragmatic details and programming of the new exhibit space, Craig was key to the success of the entire project


In my four decades of planning and designing outdoor places, I consider Craig Hansen one of the best client representatives I have worked with.


Ken Kay, Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects

Ken Kay Associates

San Francisco, CA





For “Forces that Shape the Bay,” an outdoor science park at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Craig’s creative vision focused the design team on the need for interactive experiences at a large scale. This was a critical and challenging directive, the value of which can be seen in the aesthetic and experiential appeal of this very popular interactive park.


Jeff Kennedy


Jeff Kennedy Associates, Inc.

Museum Exhibition Planning and Design

Somerville, MA





I have worked with Craig Hansen for more than a decade in the context of developing education activities with engineering undergraduates at UC Berkeley. His creative contributions to these exhibits and activities—which aim to teach the k-12 sector about engineering topics such as medical device design or bridge building—have been invaluable. Craig is extraordinarily creative in offering solutions for our various engineering challenges. He is a true Renaissance man.


Lisa A. Pruitt, Ph.D.

Lawrence Talbot Chair Professor of Engineering

University of California Berkeley

Berkeley, CA










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