The Wheel

May 20, 2016










The Wheel is a seven foot tall sculpture made of cardboard: laser-cut, folded, and assembled without glue. It goes places indoors or outdoors—it’s very lively in the wind—but it is also at home in a gallery or a studio.


The Wheel was designed to be reproduced as many times as anyone wishes. Please contact me for pricing and availability.




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W 12 Shovel Blade

June 3, 2015






Another in an occasional series of charcoal drawings of common objects drawn at life size.




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Saltire Poppy

May 27, 2015




This is scored and folded paper.


A bunch of early California poppies surprised me on a neighborhood walk one day: that luminous orange insisted on being celebrated.


A saltire cross is a heraldic symbol in the shape of a diagonal cross, like the letter X. It’s one of my favorite shapes, and it seemed to suit the poppy which has four petals.



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Cardboard Storefront

February 19, 2015




A good friend commissioned this wall sculpture for his wife: she has a thing for glasses from the 1950′s and 1960′s. I styled it after typical mid-century city storefronts. I think the phrase “for Her” is funny.



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Sand Block Pivot (a Short-Lived Sand Sculpture)

October 30, 2014




I had been wanting to attempt this sculpture for years: a rectangular slab of sand in the tide line, pivoted slightly off its natural axis, with no trace of carving, no footprints. I got two quick photographs of it before the tide came in.


Two images of the sculpture are here.



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Custom-Crafted Liquor Shelves

April 24, 2014




Hotel Tonight asked me to create a set of liquor shelves worthy of the setting in their beautiful Market Street offices. I answered with hardwood, steel, and glowing sheets of mica. More images are here.




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Giant City-Bot Man X-3!

November 15, 2013




He’s huge! He’s cardboard! He doesn’t move but you can use your imagination! See more pictures here! (Or see the real thing at the Children’s Creativity Museum!)



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Dark Objects

August 26, 2013



Some objects I am compelled to draw dark, like this wooden hat block. Click here for another object; or here for several.



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Giant Hanging Speech Bubble for

July 15, 2013
 wanted me to make something for their SF offices, something lively and playful using their logo. I suspended a couple thousand plastic discs in the shape of the speech bubble that appears in their letter “d”. When there is a breeze they ripple a bit. A few more images are here.



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Ornamental Amalgamations

June 5, 2013




In April and May at Mike Page Style Lab in San Francisco, I showed a recent series of wall sculptures made from paper. They are inspired by traditional ornamental motifs from architecture, motifs which I exaggerated and cross-bred into cartoonish, hyper-pure mash-ups. The whole collection can be seen here.



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Trace, No Trace

May 12, 2013




A long rectangular disturbance in the sand at Muir Beach, California. More here.



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Hotel Key Cards = Hotel Tonight Logo

February 22, 2013




A simple idea requiring thoughtful proportioning and a precise masking job. More cards are added as the company connects to more hotels.



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Nail Map

February 22, 2013




13,000 nails make a map of the world for a Hotel Tonight breakout space. Studio Hatch designed the space and suggested the concept. More images here.



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Hotel Tonight Beds Move to Market Street

January 20, 2013




Hotel Tonight moved to a big new office, and I moved my twenty sculptures to a big new wall. Some pictures of them in their new digs are here, individual portraits of each of the twenty are here.



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Bent Paper

October 9, 2012




If you inscribe a curved line into paper, you can bend the paper along the curve. I am playing with that technique to create paper sculptures that look a little like cartoon ornament explosions. More here.



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Missing Sand

October 6, 2012




I made a small modification to the tideline at Stinson Beach. I like how the removal of  just 3/4 of an inch of sand reveals different patterning. I developed the idea a bit; more pictures of it and other sand sculptures are here.



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Hotel Tonight Beds

September 17, 2012




I made twenty different variations of the Hotel Tonight logo for their SF office lobby. This is the Roy Lichtenstein one. See what I did with Italian leather, Legos, plastic flowers and more here.



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Gray Whale Portrait

February 4, 2012




Gray Whale Portrait     1984     Graphite on paper     26″x17″


Almost thirty years ago (!) I drew this portrait of a gray whale, after several whale-watching trips in Monterey Bay. The drawing, now sold after hanging in my brother Keith’s gallery in Bolinas, CA for the last twenty years, has resurfaced briefly into my view while I prepare to ship it away to the home of its new owner.




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Edwardian Ball Paper Skull

February 2, 2012




This is all made out of paper. For San Francisco’s extravagant Edwardian Ball I made this ten foot tall “Memento Mori Flamboyant” to ornament a stairwell at the Regency Ballroom. More pictures here.




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Glowing Installation

November 1, 2011




For a private dinner event in October I created a one-night-only tablescape of vellum and black speaker cones. More photos (including a long scroll of the whole installation) can be found here.




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